Helping  visionary women make money through soul aligned income streams & sustainable 6 figure businesses so they can powerfully create life on their terms. 

 Are you ready to make money in the flow of your natural feminine blueprint?


Do you KNOW you are here to lead, inspire and assist with the collective rebirth?

 Are you TIRED of playing by the world’s rules, ready to create freedom and done with the OLD hyper masculinized way of doing business?


I know that the sacred vision that lives in your heart is waiting to be birthed into the collective for your evolution, freedom and prosperity and YET so very often that same vision seems so far away!

The old way of push, do, hustle, never feeling or having enough is DEAD.

Welcome to the birth of a NEW economy & global paradigm shift rooted in divine feminine principles.

The question is, are you ready to root, rise and flourish as the new paradigm feminine leader you are being called to be?

The world is waiting for what YOU have to offer.

Powerfully, the feminine is ready to lead, rise and flourish here on the planet and as SHE does creates FREEDOM on the planet for YOU, for your family and for humanity as a whole. SHE is ready to re-balance, restore and have us re-calibrate to a NEW blueprint for freedom & prosperity.  As this happens woman after woman is breaking free of the chains that have kept us bound, limited and silent for a very long time. 

If you are like me, then you yearn for the true freedom of SOUL and you know the awakening of the feminine on the planet within each one of us is crucial at this time in order to establish a NEW paradigm of freedom for women and for all.

This is our time. This is YOUR time.

✨time freedom
✨business freedom
✨body freedom
✨emotional freedom
✨money freedom

✨creative freedom

All of this is possible as we shift beyond illusions that have kept us playing small and disconnected from our true creative power as women.

With the right business principles, embodiment of NEW ways of being, s-e-x-y  s-y-s-t-e-m-s, and structures in our business, sustainable business models rooted in feminine ways of being, you can create the wealth, & spaciousness to support the true freedom as leaders of a new paradigm.

Join me!

My name is Tara Preston, I am here to help you do just that: to live freely, prosperously, passionately, sustainably, powerfully, authentically, creatively and above all else unapologetically so you may rise as the sovereign, fully embodied woman you are truly here to be.

Life is yours for the taking (you don’t need permission).

Make it delicious.

Create it on your terms.

Be your own woman.

Reclaiming The Power Of Your Dark Feminine

An 8 Week Akashic Transmission & Shamanic Medicine Journey.

 As we embrace the power of the dark feminine raw power and we reclaim the shadow aspect of our true nature rooting into our full expression, unapologetic as the women we were born to be, we break free like never before.

This is the medicine of these times!

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Learn to read the Akashic Records Professionally

Claim your authentic feminine leadership and flourish in a NEW paradigm of prosperity as you follow the call of your soul- without all the energetic weight of the past!

Learn to work with the planets deepest healing tool either for your own path or in service to other women.

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She ROSE Podcast

Root, rise & flourish in a NEW Paradigm of divine feminine prosperity!

Join Tara each month as she shares on all things pleasurable, powerful and prosperous.

Tune in with expert guest hosts, rocking their sacred path as leaders, guides & way-showers.