A 90-Min Channeled Program Creation & Next Level Clearing Session

to Ignite Your Fully Embodied Next Level

Are you being called to birth your next level wealth channel through the crystallization of a sacred body of work?


Are you hesitating to answer the call to go BIGGER with your sacred work, because you don’t feel ready?


Deep down however, do you KNOW you it’s time to step into the new vibration of who you are being called to be? Activating a new timeline for your next – level self & offer NOW?!!


Yes Woman! Deep down you are feeling the call to bring forward evolutionary work. You feel it in your bones – the birth of a body of work, a sacred vision, a next level YOU.


BUT, still you hesitate.


How could it be possible?


From where you stand now there is NO evidence of THIS woman.


This future woman holds deep space for the activated transmission of a pathway that is anchored in her rich wisdom, feminine wealth codes and sacred evolutionary soul’s work.




Listen sister. Over the years I have birthed programs that have generated me well over 6 figures.


I have listened. Followed the call. And DONE the journey into embodied evolution of my soul’s calling and sacred work (many many times through sacred program creation & next level embodiment)- even when it looked like NO ONE ELSE’S.


Your soul knows. But your human self, SHE hesitates.


Your UNIQUE SACRED PROGRAMS hold the magic, magnetism and wealth of your TRUE authentic genius! It’s a combination of everything you ARE!!


There truly is an art, and a beauty to bringing through sacred programs that scale your business, AND contribute to the collective. 


There is a journey to be done. And that journey requires alignment between your vibrational self NOW and the vibrational self you are being called to EMBODY.





  • Deep soul level clearing Akashic Record work to peel away the layers of your old self while activating the power of your divine feminine legacy work, leadership and wealth codes

  • Next level energetic timeline activation’s to claim your evolutionary woman, imprinting the quantum field with the fullness of your QUEEN CODES for this lifetime

  • Channeled (all recorded) map of your unique Sacred Program with aligned pricing, as well as the embodiment to anchor it all in. Includes branding, colors and layout of container.

  • Assistance from your guide team, higher self and me to untangle energetic blocks in your awareness, to amplify your magnetic frequency

  • 2 weeks between the first 1 hour session & the last 30 Min session with in between feedback on your Sacred Program so it feels aligned and on point as you prepare to take it out into the world.

  • a 90 MIN Bonus Audio “Crystalize Your Sacred Program,” to walk you through the fine tuning of your Sacred Program including the creation of your ideal client avatar and language to speak to your aligned clients. (Value $250)


Your feminine essence is powerful.


Beautiful. Wealthy. Sacred. Wise.


YES. And SHE is calling you into your evolution.


To do a journey that will prepare you to space hold for the delicious container of transformation that only you are here to bring through. 




Let’s Do this!


During the 90 Min Channeled Program Creation & Next Level Clearing Session we will:

  • Open to the Akashic Field (the vibrational creative set point) the field of unlimited possibilities.

  • I will connect to your higher self and open your Akashic Record

  • Together we will download your high value signature sacred program!! 

  • I will share the consciousness of the program that is wanting to be birthed through you. That means I will share the energetic attributes – colors from branding, the overall tone of the program.

  • We will work together to download the program and complete an outline that maps out the signature offer

  • We will create aligned pricing – pricing that feels good to you, but also speaks to the value and impact of your work. This will most likely stretch you.

  • We will get clear on how many women you are calling in and who your aligned women are. So you can be aligned in your marketing message as you share your program.

  • From there we will activate the future timeline of THE WOMAN, who has already filled and sold the program, creating alignment to begin your embodiment journey. 

  • We will dive into soul level energetic clearing work, to untangle limitations around visibility, money, power and speaking truth through the Akashic Records. This opens the path, free of tangled limitations holding you back.

  • A map of your signature program that combines your wisdom, gifts, truth, medicine and vision. Everything you need to build value, and ease through your high value sacred offer.

  • Everything you need to feel confident, clear and empowered to do the journey into your next-level you, sacred embodiment and program launch!

  • Next steps to continue on your embodiment journey of becoming a vibrational match to your next level woman and program launch.

  • A NEW wealth channel to support your flourishing feminine business foundation & legacy work.

  • FOR THIS MONTH ONLY: You have access to me via email or messenger for 2 weeks while you put the finishing touches on your NEW program. I can review, give feedback and offer suggestions on titles, program structure, etc. (*Note I don’t do editing.)

Divinely inspired programs stretch our capacity and ask us to grow into the work we are being invited to birth into reality for collective evolution.


Our up-leveled sacred offers are not just offers, they are a part of our evolutionary soul work in the world. It then becomes about doing the journey to become the woman who has created, launched and filled the NEW body of work. Once we’ve connected the energy and essence of our sacred work with those that it is meant for, THEN we have reached the final destination of an embodied outcome.


This is also why SO many women get stuck in the birthing process of up-level offers.


They think “Who me?”, “How”? “I can’t possibly bring this through”.


BUT the program calls us into more of our evolution, just as much as it is the divinely inspired answer for the women who your work is being created for. New offers, ask us to elevate. So creating your up-leveled offer from the vibrational set point of where you are now, versus who you are asked to become through the creation process often doesn’t work.


What does work is tapping into the consciousness of the program that desires to come through AND feeling into who you are asked to become as you bring this work forward into the collective. And that is EXACTLY what this 90 Min Channeled Program Creation & Next Level Clearing Session Supports you with!





Sacred Program creation is a divine act of high service that supports not just the evolution of your path but also the people you are in service to while opening up a channel for wealth to flow through.



SO…Are you ready to birth a NEW evolutionary body of work, but stuck in doubt?


Can you feel the edges of it, but aren’t able to fully ground it?


Are you hesitating, and looping around in the details of the offer, but still don’t know where to land with it? Are YOU ready to MOVE forward into your sacred feminine evolution & finally say YES to the calling of your next level self & sacred body of work?



Then allow me to assist you.


Book your “Channel Your Unique Sacred Program Creation Akashic 90 Min Session,”  where I work with you to channel your evolutionary wisdom into a high value signature offer.


We get aligned.


We get clear.


We talk divine compensation through your new wealth channel.

We channel the offer through & make a plan to take it out into the world.


And we set the stage for the next leg of your evolutionary body of work.

You leave with all the pieces you need to birth the beauty of your soul’s work into a next level high value signature offer, while anchoring into the woman you are being called to be.




Through the month of June the 90 Min Next Level YOU, Next Level OFFER VIP Session

is $250 OFF for 10 women! 8 Spots left!





$500 USD






Will you be one of them?


The world is waiting for what ONLY you have to offer.


Your programs are the path to your sacred feminine wealth and next level legacy work. 


These channels of wealth  provide a flourishing business foundation for your essence to be an elevated channel of truth in the world. 


Book a Feminine Business & Leadership Breakthrough Session today to discover if this pathway is right for you: https://calendly.com/sacredfemininepath

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