Meet Tara

Tara Preston is a New Paradigm Feminine Leadership, Prosperity & Business Mentor for visionary, spiritual women who desire to flourish in all areas areas of life.

She is a 6 figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at a soul-level. She uses one of kind, life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She now has a prosperous, freedom based business where she guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for their next level of prosperity, leadership and legacy work. All while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine prosperity codes.

 Tara helps her clients deeply connect to & trust their intuition, leaning into the uniqueness of their authentic feminine leadership. Where they begin to create the rules they play by in both life & business.


She helps women embrace their power to create life on their terms. Shifting from old masculinized ways of operating in their businesses to ways that feel aligned to how they are naturally designed to flourish. So that they may experience new levels of prosperity and freedom.

Women quickly feel empowered to step into the spotlight of their lives through Tara’s work. Then they can claim what it is they truly want without apology. While attracting it with greater ease and pleasure!

Through the last 20 years, Tara has discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express. Whether that authentic self expression is through using their voice, claiming their dreams, sharing their gifts, presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power OR creating Sacred Programs that capture the many gifts, talents and wisdom of women, in order to open up wealth streams to support true empowered financial freedom. By doing the work that only they came here to do, at this time on the planet.

To date Tara has created 12 Signature Channeled Programs, many of them STILL continue to generate income today.

Some of her Most Well Known & Most Loved Programs Have Been:

The Intuitive Beauty Cleanse ™

Magical Feminine Prosperity ™

Glamour Goddess

Feminine Soul Wisdom

Radiant Mama Rising, Year Long Program

Femme Magic 5K & Beyond Mastermind

Feminine Phoenix Rising ™

Akasha Rising ™

Way Of Sacred SHE ™

Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program ™

AND many more!

She is a Mama to an 11 year old. Partner to an amazing man of 22 years, and dwells on an acreage at the edge of the Boreal forest. She lives part time in a Mongolian Yurt, where you will find her creating, singing or dancing as she devotes her life’s work to the Sacred Feminine Path.

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