Naturally You, Naturally Prosperous by Tara Preston

My NEW book, “Naturally Prosperous, Naturally You. Marry your Gifts with Money & Flourish in a New Paradigm of Feminine Freedom”, is rooted in feminine depth. The imbalance that we see on the planet starts with the snuffing out of the feminine first and foremost.

This is my “F YOU” to the patriarchy. To the systems that suppress true human nature & MOST of all raw feminine power.

12 years ago I left the city, left my job in the beauty industry, and moved to the middle of nowhere to find myself. With I might add a new baby girl on my hip.

From there I found the Akashic Records and have since done over 6,000 sessions.

This books gives you a solid foundation and pathway for shifting beyond the history of suppression, control and fear we have been conditioned to live in on this planet. It’s time to free the authentic human spirit.

Stay tuned for my book launch Sept 2021.


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The New Feminine Evolutionary is a groundbreaking book: revealing in total for the first time the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique slice of essence to a chapter with stories and wisdom. As a special gift to the reader these stories reach out a hand to light the way for her to step onto the path of transformation.

Twenty-two pioneers, including Tara, share their story. Women who personify the Divine Feminine: Healers. Mothers. Medicine women. Artists. Quantum guides. Activists.

She is US—created out of the forces of change—the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. She is the woman next door.

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Sovereign Unto Herself

Beloved, there is a web of codependency that operates beneath your daily awareness. Seeds of discontent and powerlessness that were planted even before you were born. Generational traumas and habits passed down to you through DNA and energetic blocks. These fears and beliefs can haunt your very existence. However, by examining these co-dependencies, you can connect challenges with solutions, clearing the path toward a state of sovereignty, the right use of power, and unconditional love and connection with ALL of LIFE.

In this potent collection of vulnerable truths and wisdom, thirteen Feminine leaders share their journey to claim their power and sovereignty.

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